My host reel.

Trailer for Noisey: Brazil

Excerpt from Noisey: Bompton

I went to the set of the music video for Young Thug's "Wyclef Jean". He never showed up.

Excerpt from Noisey: Seoul

Excerpt from Noisey: Nashville

Excerpt from Noisey: Atlanta

Excerpt from Noisey: Paris

Excerpt from interview with Kesha (Noisey: Bay Area)

I produced and hosted this doc about one of my all-time favorite people: Lil B the Based God.

Long cast to the margins of Lebanese society, Palestinian refugees feel torn between taking to the streets and keeping out of uprising


‘It’s Just a Matter of Time for the Taliban to Find Me’: On the Run in Afghanistan | NYT Opinion

Nicholas Kristof visits two New York City hospitals and witnesses the heavy toll on medical workers fighting to keep Americans alive.

As coronavirus cases surge in Texas and other Sun Belt states, rural hospitals are enduring a uniquely painful emergency of their own, in a world away from the I.C.U.s of New York City, or even Dallas. 

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