My host reel.

Trailer for Noisey: Brazil

Excerpt from Noisey: Bompton

I went to the set of the music video for Young Thug's "Wyclef Jean". He never showed up.

Excerpt from Noisey: Seoul

Excerpt from Noisey: Nashville

Excerpt from Noisey: Atlanta

Excerpt from Noisey: Paris

Excerpt from interview with Kesha (Noisey: Bay Area)

I produced and hosted this doc about one of my all-time favorite people: Lil B the Based God.

Long cast to the margins of Lebanese society, Palestinian refugees feel torn between taking to the streets and keeping out of uprising


Nicholas Kristof visits two New York City hospitals and witnesses the heavy toll on medical workers fighting to keep Americans alive.

As coronavirus cases surge in Texas and other Sun Belt states, rural hospitals are enduring a uniquely painful emergency of their own, in a world away from the I.C.U.s of New York City, or even Dallas. 

Ahmaud Arbery’s killers evaded arrest for way too long because of a law created in the era of slavery. Roy Wood Jr. investigates the citizen’s arrest policy and what’s being done to stop it. 

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem is using her power as the state’s top Karen to clamp down on Sioux tribes’ COVID control measures. Michael Kosta finds out how the Sioux are fighting back. 

I produced this episode from Klepper, Comedy Central's first docuseries. In this clip, Jordan gets arrested after joining educators and religious leaders in a protest against Georgia's ban on undocumented students in the state's top public universities.

Here, Jordan spends time with undocumented students from Freedom University, an underground school modeled after Civil Rights-era Freedom Schools.

In the second episode of Klepper that I produced, we embedded with environmental activists trying to stop the construction of an oil pipeline in the swamps of Louisiana.

I produced and directed this web ad for Wiz Khalifa's mobile app video game, Wiz Khalifa's weed farm. 

I produced a follow-up ad for the relaunch of Wiz Khalifa's mobile app video game.

I directed and edited this short film for UCB. It was an official selection at the YoFiFest Film Festival and the LA Comedy Festival.

Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii meets with experts and activists to get to the bottom of the ruffian group antifa and introduces his ironclad solution for stopping them. 

Citizen Journalists Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson explain that even if climate change is real, it's definitely not man-made. 

Niccole Thurman and Laura Grey visit Mississippi’s sole abortion provider to find out what obstacles women face when seeking reproductive health care. 

Citizen Journalists Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp go undercover at Arizona State University and profile the founder of conservative campus group Turning Point USA. 

Citizen Journalist Niccole Thurman enlists the help of famed art critic Jerry Saltz to get to the bottom of an exhibit showcasing the works of Guantanamo Bay detainees. 

Jordan attends the March For Our Lives to keep an eye on teens protesting gun violence and confronts the lame liberal parents trying to co-opt youth culture. 

Citizen Journalist Kobi Libii brings the State of the Union to Rep. Pramila Jayapal after the defiant congresswoman chose to boycott it. 

Inspired by Tomi Lahren's choice of concealed-carry workout attire, Jordan and his team of Citizen Journalists attend a relaxing, gun-friendly yoga class. 

Niccole Thurman discovers how former Kansas Governor Sam Brownback's unsuccessful tax experiment inspired a group of moderate Republican teenagers to run for office.  

Kobi Libii heads to Connecticut where a local church is housing an undocumented family to protect them from deportation as part of the growing sanctuary movement. 

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